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Star Wars Jedi Starfighter

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Editors' Choice Award IGN
Editors' Choice Award PSE 2
Star Wars Jedi Starfighter is an impressive example of how to make space combat shine on a console. Its improved graphics, sharp refinements, and exciting missions make it one of this spring's top PS2 games.” GamePro
Star Wars Jedi Starfighter's familiar but captivating space combat delivers the kind of high-quality gameplay that makes it a must-play game.” GamePro
“One of the best PlayStation 2 space combat games available.” PSE 2
“Easily the best Star Wars game on the PS2.” GameNOW
Star Wars Jedi Starfighter is a solid shooter that gamers and fans alike can enjoy.” PSM
Star Wars Jedi Starfighter gets an 'A' and has to be one of the best Star Wars titles yet.” Associated Press

Star Wars Galaxies

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Best PC Game (E3 2001) E3Awards
Best Online Multiplayer (E3 2001) E3Awards
Best PC Game of E3 2001 IGN
Best Online PC Game of E3 2001 IGN
Best PC Graphics of E3 2001 IGN
E3 2001 Game of the Show Computer Gaming World
E3 2001 Best of Show Newsday
Best of E3 2001 – Online Game-Revolution
“Galaxies will prove that massively multiplayer worlds can turn millions of people into online gaming fanatics. It's obvious that this game will not only redefine what Star Wars games can be, but will shape online gaming for years to come.” Computer Gaming World
“Come 2002, thousands of players will be able to live out a virtual existence in a living, breathing and absolutely stunning Star Wars universe.” Next Generation

Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

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Top 10 Games of 2002 PC Gamer
Editors' Choice Award Computer Gaming World
Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast looks and sounds great, and it makes you feel like a Star Wars hero.” GamePro
Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast is truly a beautiful game…there is great reason to rejoice.” Game Informer
Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast is the most enjoyable and accomplished Star Wars game yet.” Game Informer
“It really feels like it got the feeling of the Star Wars universe just right.” GameSpy
Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast is simply one of the easiest games to recommend this year.” GameSpot
“Not only is this one of the greatest Star Wars games…it's one of the best action games period.” IGN
“It really does feel like the Force is back.” Computer Gaming World
“Gamers and wannabes can count their lucky Jedi that the wait is over- Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast will rock their inner Anakin.” TV Guide Online

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader

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Best Action Game (E3 2001) E3Awards
Best GameCube Game (E3 2001) IGN
Best of Show: GameCube Graphics (E3 2001) IGN
Top GameCube Game of E3 2001 GameSpot
Top Overall Games of E3 2002 GameSpot
Best Game – GameCube (E3 2001) Hotgames
Best of E3 2001 – Action Game-Revolution
Best GameCube Game (E3 2001) Electronic Gaming Monthly
Best Games of E3 2001 Next Generation
Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II is the fastest, most furious representation of the time-honored movie trilogy ever.” IGN
“It's quite possibly the most beautiful title we've seen on any home console. Rejoice.” IGN
“Rogue Leader is undoubtedly one of the GameCube's most visually impressive game.” GameSpot
“Forget anything you have heard about polygon counts and processor sizes – this re-creation of the cinema's most famous battle is nearly flawless.” MSNBC
“Perfectly capturing the look and atmosphere of the Star Wars universe, this shooter will make you buy a GameCube if nothing else.” Next Generation

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

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E3 "Top 10 PC Picks"
Best of E3-RPG
Best Games of E3 Next Generation
Top E3 RPG Computer Gaming World

Star Wars: Starfighter

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"Starfighter is good enough by itself to justify hunting down a PS2." Los Angeles Times
"Star Wars Starfighter... an intense and beautifully crafted space-combat adventure." Newsweek
"Fabulous, gorgeous, beautiful, wonderful, spectacular, epic, stunning, awe-inspiring, amazing, brilliant. This is what the PS2 is all about." Official PlayStation Magazine
"The game, created by LucasArts, joins the ranks of the best 'Star Wars'- based video games. Visually, it's a beauty; at times it's breathtaking." San Francisco Chronicle
"If space combat or Star Wars is your thing, then you should go out and buy this game right now."

Escape from Monkey Island

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Adventure Game of the Year 2000 Game Visions
Adventure Game of the Year 2000 CNET/
Adventure Game of the Year 2000 Game-Revolution
Action/Adventure Hall of Fame 2001 Family PC
"Devoted fans of the series will pick up on a ton of inside jokes, but even newcomers should find plenty to chuckle about. In this adventure, getting lost is almost as fun as getting to the end." Newsweek
"In what must be a video game first, the hero of Escape from Monkey Island fights the forces of gentrification like sushi bars and coffee shops called Starbuccaneers as they threaten his pirate cove." New York Times
"Escape from Monkey Island is not just an adventure game, it is a bona fide event – the next chapter in one of the best, most beloved computer game series of all time." Computer Games Magazine
"Be warned: With combat this intense, you may be tempted to examine yourself afterward for laser burns." ComputerLife
"Multiplayer games don't get better than this." PC Games
"Escape from Monkey Island is the best adventure game ever. Everything works. Every line of dialogue is hilarious. Escape From Monkey Island is a labor of love."

The Curse of Monkey Island

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# 41 "Best Games Ever" 1998 PC Gamer
Adventure Game of the Year 1997 GameSpot
Adventure Game of the Year 1997 Computer Gaming World
Adventure Game of the Year 1997 Computer Games
Adventure Game of the Year 1997 PC Gamer

Grim Fandango

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Game of the Year GameSpot
Adventure Game of the Year 1998 GameSpot
Adventure Game of the Year 1998 PC Gamer
Adventure Game of the Year 1998 Computer Gaming World
Adventure Game of the Year 1998 Computer Games
Adventure Game of the Year 1998 Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences
"Graced with first-rate voice acting, music, graphics, and most of all, an amazing sense of virtual style, Grim Fandango jumps off the screen like no other game before it." Next Generation
"The one real problem with Grim Fandango is that the end comes too soon." Gamespot
"Grim Fandango is an engrossing adventure game, guaranteed to entertain and challenge." Family PC

Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine

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"Indiana Jones is the original Tomb Raider and the license is still powerful to gamers of all ages. That alone ensures that this should be one of the hits of '99.'" PC Accelerator
"Indiana Jones is gorgeous, seemingly well paced, and filled with interesting foes." Gamespot
"For Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine is unashamedly, without a doubt, a powerful challenger to the Tomb Raider throne." Gamespot


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Best Music Award 1997 Computer Gaming World
Best Story Award 1997 PC Games
"The music, art, and interface are absolutely first rate. The animated cut scenes are well done, if not superlative." Computer Gaming World

Star Wars: Behind the Magic

CD-ROM of the Year Entertainment Weekly
"'s an ode to the filmmaking process." New York Times
"If you think you know everything about the Star Wars universe, think again." Star Wars Insider
"Each click of the mouse reveals another gem, from the simple to the outrageously grandiose." Entertainment Weekly

Star Wars: Episode I Insider's Guide

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"LucasArts, the software wing of George Lucas's Empire, spoils us... barely seen characters and impossible tech will keep fans busy for weeks." Newsweek

Star Wars: Episode I Racer

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Console Racing Game of the Year Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences
"Racer is a blast. For Star Wars and arcade racing fans alike, the dizzying speed, marvelous tracks, and stunning visuals should provide hours upon hours of fun." Computer Gaming World
"4 out of 4 stars." USA Today
"Graphically, Star Wars: Episode I Racer is truly wondrous." USA Today
"The Force is strong with Racer." GameSpot
"Perhaps the fastest racing game I've ever played." LA Times

Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace

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"The Phantom Menace is snazzy, action-packed, and follows the movie story line so that the cinematic experience is recreated..." GamePro
"Crisp and clear. You gotta hand it to LucasArts. They are the masters of sound production."
"Using an impressive 3D engine to re-create the settings from the film, The Phantom Menace is a great- looking game. Not only are the environments well designed and rendered, but the individual characters are also extremely well modeled and animated." PC Magazine

Star Wars: Force Commander

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"Any Star Wars fan worth his salt would be excited just by the mere prospect of such a game." PC Accelerator
"...Force Commander's visuals look impressive... most impressive. Its true power, however, may come from small touches in gameplay..." GamePro

Star Wars: Dark Forces

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Best Action/Arcade Game 1995 Software Publishers Association
Best IBM PC Game 1995 Computer Player
Best Action Game in "Best of Everything" Computer Life
Best Achievement in Genre Multimedia 1995 Sci-Fi Universe
Best Adventure Game 1995 MacWorld
Best Action Game, 1995 Readers' Choice Award Mac Home Journal
"Easily the best first-person shooter since Doom." PC Gamer

Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II

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# 1 "The 50 Best Games Ever" 1998 PC Gamer
Game of the Year 1997 Computer Gaming World
Game of the Year 1997 PC Gamer
Game of the Year/ Best Action Game 1997 PC Games
Best Action Game of the Year 1997 GameSpot
Best PC Game 1997 Ultra Game Players
Five stars (out of five) Next Generation
Five Stars (out of five) GamePro
4.5 Stars (out of five) Computer Games
Best Action Game CNET/
"All in all, Jedi Knight is an extremely good single- player action game. LucasArts took everything that was good about Dark Forces, and made it better..." Computer Gaming World
"Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II is the gaming moment you've been waiting for. No other first-person shooter can match it for style, drama, story, character, and edge-of-your-seat entertainment..." PC Games
"Rarely has a PC game made us say 'wow' quite this often... The game has little to no faults... Jedi Knight is to first-person shooters what sliced bread is to wheat products." Next Generation
"The Force is clearly with Jedi Knight, a game so impressive that we wholeheartedly recommend it to any gaming fan." PC Magazine
"...Jedi Knight is the best 3D action game this year... Immerse yourself in the incredible environments -- you may never want to come back." Computer Games
"There are several factors that make Jedi Knight such a great game, but at its core, the game is exceptional because of the staggeringly good level design... A very rewarding experience which should not be missed by any Star Wars fan or fan of the genre." Ultra Gameplayers

Star Wars: Rebellion

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"It's an absorbing, complicated and infinitely enjoyable experience that demands all the managerial, strategic and tactical skills players can muster. Los Angeles Times
"Many praises are due to the gang at LucasArts for bringing us one of the most playable, most involving, and most addictive spaceploitation games I've seen in many moons." CNET/

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

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"Great graphics; fast action; lots of cool little touches." PC Gamer
Family PC Tested (90%) Family PC
Best overall sound, best sound effects and best voice.

Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

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"It's impossible to get bored with this... The 3D graphics are so smooth and spectacular it feels like you're in a movie." Newsweek
"We played Shadows of the Empire and not only did it look gorgeous, but it was fun as well. Some levels were better than others, but overall, the game was a very satisfying look at the interim between Empire and Jedi... LucasArts may have a PC hit to mirror its Nintendo success." Computer Gaming World

Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance

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Five Stars (out of five) CNET/
4.5 stars (out of 5) Computer Games
"Stunning graphics, a rich single player story, a flexible and extensive mission generator, and smooth multiplayer capability." Next Generation
"The very best of the illustrious series, and a host of new innovations. The best force feedback support around. Thrilling music sound, gameplay, and a whopping 50 missions." HappyPuppy

Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter

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Best Science-Fiction Simulation Game CNET/
Number 1 in the Hot Holiday 100 List Computer Gaming World
"Be warned: With combat this intense, you may be tempted to examine yourself afterward for laser burns." ComputerLife
"Multiplayer games don't get better than this." PC Games


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